Crypto Sign Up Bonus FAQs

The Complete Collection of the most frequently asked (and now answered) questions to help you understand and make the most out of Crypto Sign Up Bonuses.

Last Updated: Friday 24 December 2021
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What are crypto sign up bonuses?

Great question. With the increasing uptake of crypto around the world, many new crypto exchanges have appeared – all of which are fighting for your attention. To incentivise you to use their crypto exchange they offer differing crypto sign up bonuses and promotions. Some come with no restrictions, others require a certain amount of deposit/trading before the crypto bonus is unlocked. This crypto bonus is sometimes larger the more you deposit and sometimes it is fixed no matter how much you deposit/trade. The exact type of bonus differs as well, sometimes it comes in the form of free Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and sometimes it comes in the crypto exchange’s native token for example gives CRO or CakeDefi offers DFI.

What is is the #1 destination for crypto sign up bonuses, Bitcoin/Ethereum promotions, crypto exchange promotions and much much more!
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Can I actually get free cryptocurrency just for signing up?

Yes you definitely can. It might seem strange but these crypto exchanges are fighting for you business. Why not take advantage and sign up for multiple. Just make sure you read the crypto promotion requires to make sure you receive your bonus. Have a look at our comprehensive run down of crypto bonuses available in 2021.

What are “no deposit” crypto sign up bonuses?

Some crypto exchange sign up bonuses require certain conditions to be met before giving their bonus. This often involves either a set amount of crypto purchasing or trading. Sometimes however crypto exchanges offer a “no deposit” crypto bonus. To receive these bonuses you simply need to sign up and make sure you use the correct referral Code or use our exclusive CoinSignUpBonus links.

What is the difference between crypto sign up bonuses and crypto promotion?

Both can be very valuable to you and your crypto trading journey. Crypto sign up bonuses are a form of crypto exchange promotions and apply to new customers who are signing up. It’s a way of enticing you to use their service over another exchange. Other forms of crypto promotions include crypto airdrops, free trading periods, increased APR staking rates and much more. Head over to our crypto review page to see what is currently available.

Which crypto exchanges offer deposit bonuses? is your #1 source of everything crypto bonus, promotion and referral related. As of December 2021 we are tracking sign up bonuses for the following exchanges:
– Coinbase
– Luno
– Binance
– Gemini
– OKEx
– Nexo
– Celsius Network
– Huobi
– CakeDefi.
Combined these crypto sign up bonuses can reach over $1000 free crypto.

Can I get a crypto sign up bonuses after I have signed up?

It depends. The majority of sign up bonuses have a condition whereby you must use a specific crypto referral code or sign up link at the time of signing up.

However for example the Sign Up Promotion allows you to have “10 days from the day your account was created to add a referral ID.” If you are in this category use the, referral code: rba67gcv2n

Some conditions of certain crypto exchange sign up bonuses is that the bonus crypto can’t be withdrawn for a certain amount of time. Sometimes up to 6 months. 

Am I eligible for bitcoin sign up bonuses in UK?

You most certainly are!
Check out currently available bitcoin sign up bonus for UK customers here

Am I eligible for bitcoin sign up bonuses in USA?

Yes you are!
Each crypto exchange has specific rules regarding their sign up bonuses and promotions. 
For more information have a read of our comprehensive Crypto Exchange reviews for specific location rules. 

Am I eligible for bitcoin sign up bonuses in AUS?

G’day mate! You definitely are eligible.
Check out currently available bitcoin sign up bonus for AUS customers here

What is the Coinbase earn and learn feature?

Coinbase promotes itself as an easy to use crypto exchange for all ranges of crypto knowledge. One of their best features is Coinbase earn and learn. Those feature enables you to can claim another $30 free crypto. After signing up simply watch some short explanatory videos and receive up to $30 worth of free crypto. As of Dec 2021 this includes $30 worth of crypto made up of Amp, The Graph,, IoTeX and Clover Finance. These can then be converted to your crypto of choice with 1 button and then withdrawn if you like. 

Can I become a crypto referrer?

Yes you can. In a way you could look at a referral as a form of Crypto Exchange Promotion. By referring your friends and family you can be rewarded with free bitcoin/crypto.

Is my crypto deposit bonus locked?

It depends.
Some Crypto sign up bonuses will not allow you to trade/withdraw/sell your bonus for a set period of time. For example the bonus stipulates your free CRO is locked in your account for 180 days. Others such a Luno/Coinbase allow you to withdraw your bonus immediately.

Where is the best place to find updated crypto sign up bonuses?

So happy you asked. You’ve come to the right place! 
We would recommend the follow articles:
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Does Coinbase offer a crypto sign up bonus December 2021 ?

Check out our full Coinbase Review with including an overview of the Coinbase Crypto Sign Up Bonus

Does Gemini offer a crypto sign up bonus December 2021?

Yes! Gemini offers a very simple sign up bonus.
Head over to and use the referral code: eyvx5klue
Simply use our Coinsignupbonus link

Which crypto apps gives signup bonus?

Coinbase, Luno, Binance, Gemini, OKEx, Nexo, Celsius Network, Huobi,, FTX, all have apps on iPhone and Android.
Check out our full Crypto Sign Up Bonus Reviews here

What is the CRO promotion?

Sign up for a Visa Card using the promo coderba67gcv2n and downloading the App.
With this crypto com referral, you can get US$25 worth of free CRO tokens ( native tokens) when you stake for a free visa debit card.

Do I need a crypto referral/sign up code or can I use a special referral link?

Most crypto sign up bonuses can be activated by either a referral code or a sign up bonus link.

Using an exclusive CoinSignUpBonus Link your code is automatically included when signing up (an example is shown below with our Luno link.
Otherwise you can simply head to your crypto exchange of choice (for example Gemini is shown below) and manually enter in the correct referral code (in this example for Gemini that would be eyvx5klue)

Our complete list of crypto referral and sign up bonuses can be found here. Some of our top ranked sign up bonuses include:

  • Coinbase $10 free BTC – Coinbase Referral Code: edelma_7s
  • Gemini $10 Free BTC – Gemini Referral Code: eyvx5klue
  • CakeDefi $50 Free DFI – CakeDefi Referral Code: 238043
  • Luno $20 Free BTC – Luno Referral Code: 3MD2D
  • Binance 10% bonus – Binance Referral Code : LIMIT_RL2JAAOB
  • Nexo $25 in BTC – Nexo Referral Code: 3r4vivfdj9
  • Celsius Earn $40 BTC FREE – Celsius Referral Code: 190777392a
  • $50 Free CRO – Crypto Referral Code: rba67gcv2n
  • Huobi $300 + 20 DOGE Welcome Bonus – Huobi Referral Code: p9b44223
  • FTX Free Crypto on each trade – FTX Referral Code: BONUSCRYPTO
  • OKEx $15 Free Crypto – OKEx Referral Code: 12068965
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